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MCO offers the possibility of renting boats , speedboats or yachts in the area of Opatija. We deliver all vessels with a specific tariff charge. If You want to know Opatija, Ika, Icice , to explore the Kvarner coast  and enjoy in the crystal clear Adriatic Sea, rent a boat and spend Your vacation more exciting and different than before.



(4 km away from Stancija Kovačići ), " First Lady ", " Sankt Jakobi ", " Abbazia ", " Queen of Tourism ", " Pearl of the Adriatic ", those are only some of the names given to Opatija.  It is perfect elegance, protected with hinterland densely-wooded hills  and Ucka. Escaping Vienna 's cold winters  , nobility of the Hapsburg and the Austro - Hungarian Monarchy , more than 160 years ago, has turn Opatija into a fashionable destination for entertainment and relaxation.


Like many cities in the meeting point of Central Europe and the Mediterranean,  Kastav has a rich tradition and a recognizable identity. Throughout its history, Kastav has been an administrative , economic and cultural center of Istria and Primorje. He remains a hotbed of ethnic consciousness, even when greater cities ,began to develop in that area, it managed to preserve its autonomy, language and customs.


The island Cres is rich in natural beauty and a very distinct difference between the north and south of the island. The northern part is dominated by steep cliffs with high and thick oak forests , while the southern part is punctuated by pastures and barren . On Cres exist  long tradition of breeding sheep which have been a major source of meat and milk in the past. Also, products of wool from Cres are well-known . Be sure to try Cres lamb , which is a famous specialty. Since the island was inhabited in the Stone Age , all around  the island You can see the remains of ancient cities and the early Catholic churches. As special attraction we emphasize the unusual natural phenomenon - a freshwater lake Vrana. The myth and legend says there is a castle at the bottom of the lake.

Cres is ideal destination for those who are afraid of snakes because of the ten species that live on the island , no species is poisonous , so you can safely explore nature.


The data about island colonization are associated with the Illyrian tribe Japodi and  Liburni and then with the Greeks, when the island of Krk belongs to Kvarner Islands. Traces of Romans lead to the end of the old era (B.C.)  and the first centuries of new era  (A.D.).  However, by the end of the 6th century, Croats began to settle on the island becoming an absolute majority.



At 173 meters above sea level , two kilometers above Moscenicka Draga lies Moscenice. Because of the beautiful view of the entire bay , Moscenice is a favorite destination of many tourist groups, but the starting point for hikers and mountaineers on their way to the old, abandoned villages ( 995 m ) of the mountain Ucka  where walking  trail leads to.


Fishing village of old narrow houses and two lighthouses was first mentioned in 1543, but it is much older. Only a kilometer from the center of Opatija you can feel the unforgettable maritime feeling .

Two kilometers past Lovran, you will come across a place Medveja . Legend says that Medveja got the name after the Greek mythical heroine Medea , after she hide in that area with Jason. According to the same story, underground streams that directly interflow from Ucka into the sea at the Medveja beach, were actually Medea's tears.



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